The program’s name is “Manush Bikri Achhe” (Human for Sale)

Anti Human Traff icking

Recognizing human trafficking as a serious issue the Commission on Anti-Human Trafficking aims to implement the mandate against Human Trafficking as decided by India Mission Summit in cooperation with the International Ministries partner Church Councils and beyond.

For the Women department of the Assam Baptist Convention on September 8

For the Women Department and activists of the Garo Baptist Convention on Sept. 29, 2020

For the Women Department of Manipur Baptist Convention on October 13, 2020

Associate Director:

Ms. Soma Chakraborty


Phone: +91 9674367637


Ms. Jennifer Tesong (Manipur)


Phone: +91 8974919101

Ms. Sangeeta Saren (East India)


Phone: +91 9434508285, +91 6289422935

Mr. Robert Surya Prakash (South India)


Phone: 7032819196

Mr. G. Alfred (Retired IPS) – Consultant


Phone: +9 9866133172

Ministry updates ……

Anti-Trafficking Legal Awareness Seminar for Assam Baptist Convention on Oct. 20, 2020