India Mission Coordination Committee, in short known as IMCC was born out of India Mission Summit 2014. The Summit was a fraternal initiative by the American Baptist International Ministries, brought together 10partner organizations in India in October 2014 to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the establishment of the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society and the 175 years of its mission in India – to affirm God’s faithfulness and to envision the future of the church in India. The event was organized at Kohima, Nagaland on October 2 -5, 2014. More than 1,200 delegates, representatives from four other countries and some of the American Baptist guests participated in the mission sharing and deliberation, and produced a Baptist Declaration which addresses the common concern for Women, Youth, Religious Liberty and Human Trafficking and the united role of the church in India to address to these issues.

A Post Summit evaluation by the partner representatives led to the formation of a five members India Mission Coordination Committee (IMCC) to give shape to the vision stated in the Baptist Declaration. Later four other Coordinators were nominated to give leadership to the Baptist Youth Forum, Baptist Women Forum, Commission, on Anti-Human Trafficking and the Commission on Religious Liberty. All these four task groups are now under active operation in addressing the issues existing in the geographical areas of the 11 American Baptist partners in India. Our vision is to take the Baptist Declaration further to the grass-root level to all the individual members of the churches in bringing awareness to address to the issues prevailing within the church and society.

Since the time of the first India Mission Summit in October 2014, there had been a strong voice to organize the next Summit in another five years’ time. The proposal was first brought in the India Mission Summit debriefing meeting on October 6, 2014 at Kohima, later was confirmed in the IMCC meeting held at Imphal, Manipur on December 10, 2014. The concern was further taken up for detail deliberation in the Expanded India Mission Coordination Committee meeting held at Kolkata during April 5-7, 2016. The leaders from the IMCC partner organizations present in the Expanded India Mission Coordination Committee also expressed a strong desire for all the Indian Baptists to come together in forming All India Baptist Fellowship/Union with the present American Baptist partners becoming the pioneers of this movement and providing opportunities for others to join in the fellowship.

Consequently, IMCC took the lead to organize the India Baptist Summit 2019, an ever historic and mega event for all the Baptists in Indiato refresh the vision of the past Summit and to address to the changing socio-religious context of Indian society. The other strong vision of the Summit was the unity of all the Baptists in India. The Summit was held at Leonia Holistic Destinations, Shameerpet in Hyderabad, Telangana bringing as many as 1500 delegates representing 25 Baptist Church Councils across the country. The International Baptist Fraternities including the American Baptist International Ministries, aka American Baptist Foreign Mission Society and the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation and numbers of other countries including USA, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Nepal witnessed this historic event. The Summit came out with a strong resolution on Baptist Unity and formation of a Mission Commission added to the IMCC.