Recognizing much to be accomplished and many to be reached in India, the IMCC Commission on Mission aims to bring the American Baptist partners in India to work unitedly towards evangelism and church planting by bringing the Churches, Mission Fields and Missionaries together.


Rev. BoipuSerto MBC/CBCNEI)

Email: boipu7@gmail.com

Phone: 9612455023

Rev. Rettiar G. Momin (GBC)

Email: rettiarmomin@yahoo.co.in

Phone: 9089635876

Rev. L. Yapang Mollier (ABAM/NBCC)

Email: longermollier@gmail.com

Mobile: 6909152148

Mr. Thomas Das (BCCEI)

Email: thomasda67@yahoo.com

Mobile: 7586077017

Mr. Umed Bangerwal

Email: umed.bangerwal@gmail.com

Phone: 9412056694

Rev. Nandi Michael Prasad

Email: nandimichael@yahoo.com

Phone: 8978468340

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