May 28 – Preacher: Rev. Ashok Andrews

July 30 – Preacher: Rev. Dr. Edwin Lam

August 27 – Preacher: Rev. Dr. Rodney Ragwan

Sept. 24 – Preacher: Rev. Dr. Ajoy Kumar Lama

Oct. 29 – Preacher: Rev. Dr. Subhro Sekhar Sircar

Preacher: Rev. Vivian Fernandes

Praise & Worship by Baptist Youths from Hyderabad

We are One - Theme song of the India Baptist Summit 2019

India Baptist Summit 2019 Keynote Address by Rev. Dr. Wati Aier

The program’s name is “Manush Bikri Achhe” (Human for Sale)

For the Women department of the Assam Baptist Convention on September 8

For the Women Department and activists of the Garo Baptist Convention on Sept. 29, 2020

For the Women Department of Manipur Baptist Convention on October 13, 2020