The IMCC Women Forum aims to implement the mandate for the Women Empowerment set by India Mission Summit in cooperation with the International Ministries partner Conventions/Associations in India in response to issues prevailing in our churches and society and send recommendations to the partner organizations for implementations.

Associate Director:

Rev. Narola Longkumer

Email: narolaao@yahoo.com

Phone: +91 9436062962, +91 8974145942


Ms. Tingneilhing Kipgen (Manipur)

Email: lhingboikipgen15@gmail.com

Phone: +91 9436281963

Ms. Alice Benjamin (Andhra Pradesh)

Email: alicesoutapalli@gmail.com

Phone: +91 9000395095, +91 9441646848

Ms. Suneela G. Obadiah (Telangana)

Email: suneela1947@yahoo.co.in

Phone: +91 9848098832

Ms. Wanne G. Momin (Meghalaya)

Email: wgarrey@yahoo.com

Phone: +91 9436113024

Mrs. Annapurna Das (BCCEI)

Women Ministry Supervisor

Email: dannapurna787@gmail.com

Phone: 07872229758

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